Vic Volare & his Fabulous Volare Lounge Orchestra
4pc and 7 or 9 pc Vic Volare Swing Entertainment Show!

Based in Minnesota, USA  For bookings nationwide call 651-454-1124 extension 7 / Brian

Vic Volare:
Once upon a time not so long ago, there was a world of suave gentlemen and lovely ladies. In this world, 'going out' meant dressing up. Gentlemen wore jackets and ties. These gentlemen world escort the ladies, in long gloves and evening gowns, to a nightclub, not a bar Them they would sit at small table draped in crisp fabric, bathed in candlelight. They dined and they drank and they smoked. Then, they would drink and smoke some more. And they danced. Hand in hand, cheek to cheek they world sway and they would swing. Their feet toured the dance floor with movement that was neither learned our instinctual, yet somewhere in between. There was poetry. There was symmetry There was romance.

4pc = Piano / Bass / Drums / Vic on vocals and Sax! 
9 pc = Piano / Bass / Drums / Sax / Vocals / Guitar / Trumpet / Clarinet / Flute / Vibraphone / Conga
(audio demo of 9pc below!)

Vic Volare is a great swing group for weddings and corporate events nationwide

Song List 

For More Information Contact Brian Harrell at 651-454-1124 ext 31

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Vic Volare in Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota!