Steve Millar and Daimondhead Band
Great Variety of music for your corporate event, wedding or special event.
Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Available for events Nationwide!
For bookings call Brian Harrell 651-454-1124 ext 7 (band #700)

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For booking this group call All Time Favorites (651) 454-1124 extension 7

Prices are estimated at $2500-$6500 for 4 hours
depending on date/time/location/# members/sound and lighting production.

Entertainment is much more than just singing or music. It's more than an occasional joke or a bit of stage lighting and fog.

Entertainment is an art, a true art. If successfully accomplished, it creates a sort of euphoria, a level of involvement that leaves no room for any other thoughts. And the residual is a memory that one carries with him for many years to come.

They're not simply a group of exceptionally talented people by professional definition. That they are, but they also have what only can be described as a "magic" about them. A magic that audiences sense...and respond to. They all but instantly involve an audience, and carry them through a powerful musical performance sprinkled with a kind of "natural" humor and wit that could only come from people who are thoroughly enjoying what they do.

There are a number of ingredients that go into creating an engaging stage performance, all of which are briefly described in this booklet. Save one. It is really quite impossible to put to words the unique blend of personalities and talents that create the magic that Steve and his band deliver in their every appearance. The only way you can really appreciate it is to experience it yourself at a live performance.

Steve (Lead vocals)

Steve's performance credits include numerous major conventions, state fairs, clubs, and showrooms throughout the country. Most notably, The Carlton Celebrity Room, Minneapolis, and Harrahs Club and the Silverbird in Nevada. He has performed with Jerry Lewis, George Gobel, Ray Stevens, and The Dirt Band. Most recently, Steve and the Band were a featured act at the 1991 Musicland National Convention along with David Bowie, John Denver, Kenny Loggins, M.C. Hammer, Robbie Neville and The Kentucky Head Hunters. Steve has recorded for Pickwick Records and is involved in commercial music production.

Meet the band 
Alex - Keyboards and vocals

Mark - Drums and vocals

John - Guitar and vocals

Bryan - Bass and vocals

Bob - Percussion and vocals

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico; Alex won first place in Mexico's National Songwriters contest, three years in a row. He has composed and performed music and commercials for Mexican television. Alex has toured throughout Mexico and the U.S. and definitely brings a Latin flair to the group.

Originally for London, England; Mark has performed throughout Europe and North America. He has played with the Steeles, Amy Stewart, and Slave Raider. Mark has performed with Thin Lizzy, Guess Who, Humble Pie, and Chubby Checker. He also is involved in commercial music for television and radio.

John is a graduate of the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, California. He has studied under guitar greats Joe Pass and Robben Ford. John has literally played all over the world. He has toured extensively in Europe, Central America and the Middle East. His versatility as a guitarist and vocalist greatly enhances the group.

Bryan has a B.A. in Music Education from Kansas Newman College. He has toured the U.S. and Canada with various show bands and has appeared on the same stage with Kenny Rogers, B.J. Thomas, and Bill Cosby. Bryan is co-owner and music producer at Hudson Forrester Studios, writing and producing music for nationally broadcast commercials.

Bob, another world traveler, was Olivia Newton John's, first American touring drummer. He is the son of Fifties Country Star Texas Bill Strength. Bob has appeared on the same stage with Lou Reed, Joe Walsh and Johnny Winter. He is also involved in voice-over work for commercial advertising.

Select the perfect music

Choose the songs that are right for your audience and we'll help you package them into a dramatic performance. They are exceptionally versatile and you'll not be disappointed by their rendition of any of the songs listed here. If you have a special request, just ask us.

Like any musicians, though, the band is especially accomplished at some songs...and, over their many performances, have noted some that are almost always "big hits." We've listed those songs under "Featured Selections."

Featured Selection List

Extended Songlist Pages Page
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven


50's & 60's:

70's & 80's:


Neil Diamond:

Impeccably clear highs, thunderously powerful lows...crescendos that burst with light.

State of the art equipment.

You'll never notice the difference this band's professional-quality sound & lighting equipment makes to their performance. And that's good. You shouldn't.

Too often even good musicians are limited by their equipment. Sounds are distorted. Certain sound frequencies aren't heard at all. Some people can't hear the power of the music, others are irritated by too much power. Put simply, if the equipment isn't excellent and "fine tuned" to the location, people tire quickly.

It's the same with lighting. And both the music and the lighting must work together to achieve the full effect of a powerful performance.

Their equipment is the best. Over $100,000 has been invested in stage supported equipment alone. And the quality of the performance will show it.

Below is a partial listing of equipment available for your event. If your location calls for something more or something different to achieve maximum performance, rental arrangements are made.

Equipment List

For booking this group call All Time Favorites (651) 454-1124 extension 7

Steve Millar Band - variety band for corporate and weddings Minneapolis Twin Cities MN

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