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Flamenco Guitarist guitar flamenco minneapolis mn twin cities st.paul

Michael one of a handful of flamenco guitar masters residing in the United States today. Having left a successful career as a forester in West Africa, he traveled to Spain where he began a lifelong affair with the intrinsically Spanish folk art...flamenco.

He has studied with a number of Spain's great flamenco guitarists including Luis Maravilla, Nino Ricardo, Just de Badajoz, and Juan Maya "Marrote". He has also studied classical guitar with Andres Segovia's protege, Jesus Silva.

he has performed in Europe and the Far East, He has completed numerous college and community tours as a soloist, as part of a  Guitar Duo (with his brother, Tony, himself an accomplished classical guitarist), and a first guitarist with a number of Spanish dance companies. He is one of the founders of the well - known dance company, Zorongo Flamenco, and served as musical director and first guitarist for a number of years.

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Miriam (from "Flamenco 200

Cuban Suzi

Twlight in Morocco


Michael also features a new show "A Touch of Spain" click here for more information



"Guitarist pure flamenco style...one of the most accomplished American born flamenco guitarists going...crisp and a strong masculine, rhythmic drive...exemplary skill and musicianship." ---Allan Holbert, Minneapolis Tribune

"Excellent!" ---Washington Post

"Michael really has a command of his instrument and can articulate to students the history and context of guitar in the musical world...Michael's comments about music art made feel like I have an important part in the future of art. The music was beautiful and inspiring, student comments were consistently in the 'awesome' range."---Tom Kanthak, Minnesota Center For Arts Education

"Terrific energy and feeling." ---Capital Times, Madison, Wisconsin

"Unerring skill and musicianship, with precision, fluency and a fine sense of dynamics and phrasing...displayed spontaneity and abandon with great drive and strong sound..." ---Boris Nelson, Toledo Blade

"Clean technique and sensitive nuance." ---Werner Zopernick, The Nashville Banner

"...last night's concert should be an inspiration to those 'strummers' who seek to find something better in playing the guitar." ---Mary McGary, Anchorage Times

"It is a long way from Minnesota to Andalusia, or from Bangkok to New Orleans; yet the king of Thailand is a jazz clarinetist and Michael Hauser among the best of many Americans who have taken up the flamenco guitar. I think it is a marvelous comment on how small the world has become and how much more universal our communications are becoming. I might even have added that it is a long way from Virginia to Bahia, because of my own success in Brazilian music. Michael's credentials are the best. He has spent considerable periods studying with famed flamenco guitarists in Spain. He is man of diligence and integrity who brings something of his own to the essentially Spanish art of the flamenco guitar."

"Michael is one of America's few masters of the emotional flamenco guitar." ---Jack El-Hai, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine"

Flamenco Guitarist
Musician # 664
Musician # 664  For bookings call Brian at 651-454-1124 ext 311

Flamenco Guitarist guitar flamenco minneapolis mn twin cities st.paul